Million Dollar Find on ‘Storage Wars’ Fake?

Cora Stern, Editor
April 25, 2013
Filed under National News, Video

In the season finale of Storage Wars, bidder Darrell Sheets received the largest payout in the show’s history. He bid $3,600 on a locker that was revealed to hold over a thousand pieces of original artwork by Frank Gutierrez. An expert estimated the worth to be over $300,000, to which Darrel replied, “Hold on a minute, $300,000? Bam!”

However, in light of recent allegations made by a former member of the show that lockers have been staged by producers, some viewers have expressed doubt that the incredible find is valid. Former star Dave Hester is suing A&E and alleging that significant portions of the show are fake and staged by producers. He says that producers rent expensive items and hide them in storage lockers to make the show more interesting. Hester claims that he was fired from the show for complaining to producers, and is seeking $3.5 million in damages.

Recent investigations into these allegations have revealed emails and invoices from the first season that support Dave Hester’s claim. There are invoices revealing producers compensating cast members for items that they provided to be planted in storage lockers to be “found” on camera. There are receipts, checks and emails exchanged.

Only further investigation and time will tell if the Frank Gutierrez artwork was staged or was truly just an amazing find. Darrell Sheets did not seem to be much concerned as he drove off in his brand new BMW in a video about the find. Either way, the world has gained thousands of new pieces of art by Frank Gutierrez that I am sure will be greatly fought over.


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